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The Islamic Society of Woodbury – East Metro was founded in 2009 and is a non-profit organization located in Woodbury, MN. The Islamic Society of Woodbury – East Metro (ISWEM) has become a major center for the Muslim community living in the eastern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and serves over 300 families. The Masjid is also close to the border of Wisconsin and is easily accessible to Muslims from western Wisconsin area. ISWEM is the nearest Masjid for many of these communities for about 80 miles on highway I-94 East going towards Chicago/ Milwaukee.

ISWEM provides prayer services for daily prayers and the Friday prayer. ISWEM serves its educational purpose as well, with its full time weekend school The Islamic Learning Center, which offers classes for kids ranging from preschool to 18 years of age. ISWEM also holds various halaqas and programs for the community

Apart from being a place to offer daily and Friday prayers, the Masjid offers the following services to the community:

Religious and educational:

  • The Islamic Learning Center offer preschool (2 – 5 years) and weekend classes (5 and older). Over 80 students are presently enrolled.
  • Arabic classes for children and adults.
  • Weekly halaqas.
  • Ask the Imam.
  • Educational seminars on Islamic topics as well as other general topics of interest to the community from financial planning to nutrition.

Social activities:

  • Eid carnival for children.
  • Henna night for women and children.
  • Community picnics.
  • Ping pong tournament for men, women and youth.
  • Monthly potluck dinners.
  • Women’s book club.
  • Youth group for girls etc.

Community work:

  • Adopt-a-park program.
  • Meetings with city and state representatives.
  • Food and clothing drives.
  • Community volunteering.
  • Reaching out to needy in the community irrespective of faith, race and color.

Please refer to Activities Calendar for details. You may also navigate the Services and Education menu for more information of individual programs.

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Islamic Society of Woodbury – East Metro is located at:
680 Commerce Dr. Suite #130
Woodbury, MN 55125

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Islamic Society of Woodbury - East Metro, 680 Commerce Drive. Suite 130. Woodbury, MN 55125