New ISWEM Islamic Center Project


“Who is it that would loan God a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over?” [2:245]

The Islamic Community in East Metro is working on building an Islamic Center to serve the religious,spiritual, social and educational needs of the Muslims in East Metro, to engage in positive and constructive interfaith conversations and to provide social services to all. Your financial participation is needed to help make this a reality.

iswem-afton-map     Islamic Society of Woodbury/East Metro (ISWEM) purchased a 30 acre plot in 2013 to construct an Islamic Center and Masjid to serve the E. Metro community. The property is located right off of Interstate highway 94 and Manning and is very accessible and visible.

In April 2016, ISWEM received approval from city of Afton to establish the Islamic Center. The approval process was widely covered in local media. Media coverage can be viewed at ISWEM’s media coverage page.

ISWEM Islamic Center will be the first Islamic Center in Minnesota of its scale constructed from the ground up featuring Islamic Architecture and Look and Feel. It combines traditional and more contemporary architecture with efficient and functional use of space inside the building.


What is Next?

The next step for ISWEM is to start construction to establish this Islamic Center Insha Allah. Our goal is to start construction in Fall of 2016, Insha Allah. In order to achieve this goal we need all of us to participate in establishing this House of Worship by taking ownership of building a portion of this Islamic Center. We can participate in this Sadaqa Jareeya by building

Musallah (Prayer) Spaces = $1500 for each space  For Parents, Spouse, Children and Ourselves and get reward every time someone prays there

1 sqft  = $150/sqft – Participate in building multiple sqfts

– Contributions in any amount are welcome and will help convert this paper design for the House of Allah into reality

Donations can be made

Via Mail: ISWEM 680 Commerce Drive, Suite #130, Woodbury, MN 55125 (checks written to ISWEM)

Online: By pressing the “Donate” button on the page

The Prophet (PBUH) said,

“Whosoever builds for God a place of worship, God will reward him similar to it in paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

May God reward you for your generous donation. Thank you for joining us in this effort! Please help spread the word on this project.

Islamic Society of Woodbury - East Metro, 680 Commerce Drive. Suite 130. Woodbury, MN 55125